Hello! Ubuntu Desktop

I have been using MacOS since my university days. It took me some effort but I have made the change to Ubuntu yesterday and things are looking good. (Maybe it is too early to say, will write a fuller review in a month or so)

Why did I make the change?

I have a Mac Mini around using it for development work so most of the time will be on terminal or VS Code. I feel that with the old specs running the new MacOS seems to be lag somehow. Since there are no particular Mac apps that I need to use. Most of the apps that I use are web app because My daily driver is a Chromebook. However when it comes to development work, it is a bit of hassle. My setup is that I have a DO VM running and I tied it to AWS Cloud9 online IDE.

So to freshen up a little, I decided to give Ubuntu Desktop a try. I read reviews that older versions of the Ubuntu desktop will have drivers issues, so you might experience audio / video issues. But now, in the new Ubuntu 20.04 most of the drivers are available so ideally you should not meet with any big issues. The big plus for me is that the minimum requirement for Ubuntu Desktop is much lighter than MacOS so this fits my bill, hopefully extending the life of my Mac Mini.

Took me an hour from downloading the OS to flashing and installing. Everything feels new. New OS, New wallpaper, feels like I just got a new computer.

How do you make the change?
The Ubuntu version I have installed is 20.04, as of Jun 13 it is the latest version available.

  1. Download the Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS
  2. Flash the ISO image into the flash drive (8GB at least)
  3. Take the flash drive, plus it into your old MAC. Power up and hold the `option`. You will get a prompt to choose boot-up from your flash drive
  4. Follow the instruction and you are on your way to the Ubuntu land.

Note: The process above is a full installation of Ubuntu not a dual boot