Rebuilding Launchbyte Website

Spend my weekend to rebuild the Launchbyte website moving it from self-hosted WordPress to a static site on Netlify.

Now, I like to share that I am a fan of WordPress. This blog itself in hosted on The CMS is easy to use and with plugins you can even turn a WordPress site into an e-commerce store. However, self-hosting a WordPress is too much of a hassle. You need to deal with the managing of the server and the occasional software upgrades. These things just make it more complicated.

I wanted something simple and I like it to be free. So I pick on Eleventy.js (11ty). The tagline it gave itself is “A simpler static site generator. An alternative to Jekyll.” I thought I have some experience with Jekyll, let me give it a try.

Getting started was pretty easy with a few lines of code. I used a boiler template that allows the static site to be connected to Netlify CMS – which is free and open-source

I think the bigger challenge in moving a site is to get the WordPress posts into a front-matter format. A quick search and you will lots of library that helps to convert WordPress post into front-matter format that 11ty accepts. I tried a few and I end up with this awesome library that suits me the most.

Now that you have your posts ready, another concern that you might have is the SEO. Well, someone had the same issue and written a template for it.

With all the above in place, it was time to host it.

In the current environment, if you are building a static site, chances are you will be using Netlify hosting, It’s free, fast and comes with custom domain with SSL provided.

Do take a look at It loads super fast and see what I plan to do with it.