Making podcasts, videos online during Covid19 with Clips app

Since started working home, there was slighted more time to get those creative juices running. In the past, I used to take a 45mins to an hour commute to work. Usually I take that time to read a book to listen to a podcast. Now I try create something over consuming.

I decided to get back into podcasting, or rather restarting my podcast show again. This time round I call the show Bosslee Tech Support. The goal is to talk about Tech simplify for the rest of us.

I soon realised that if I need to do tech reviews on application, how can I do it via podcasting? It might be hard to explain over audio, maybe video could be better? So I try it out.

This is my workflow. I have a mac but it belongs to the company and I did not want to do personal stuff on it. My personal laptop is a Chromebook but I do have an iPhone so the recording was down on a iPhone. I make used of the Clips app and this is how it turns out.

Uploaded onto YouTube
Uploaded onto IGTV

So we first need to know that the clips app ONLY records video in a square format. Using clip app is pretty easy. It allows you to record the video in segments and it stitch them together beautifully. However, there are no transitions effects nor text fields that you can use. The “texts” I am using in the video are more like stickers and they constraint to a certain size.

Right from the Clips app, you can upload to Youtube or you can choose to save it as a video file on your phone and later on upload to any video services you wish.

You can see for yourself how the files looks like on different platform. At this point, I like to diverge slightly.

When I finish the video, I realised while it is fun, it took me a longer time to produce. It then goes back to the initial question I ask myself. Do I want to produce a podcast or do I want to be a video creator. Personally I feel that it is different, I do see some Youtube channels they do Live for their podcast shows. That might be one way to look at it but if it is a video focus content it might be challenging when it comes to time.

As I grow older, I think about my life goals and dreams. How both of them changes as I grow. One approach to things that I learn is that decision bias towards action. So you can say love swimming, you can even announce in public about but if every weekend you end up going for a run and you love it. It’s your action telling you that you have changed

Now thinking back, is it that I love to do podcast or I still want to try podcast because I told everyone that I like it?

Back to different platforms, Youtube vs IGTV

It is easier to work with Youtube. After you upload, editing and stuff are easier on desktop. IGTV allows you to upload on desktop but does not provide an editing options. If you are thinking about editing on the phone, there are certainly apps that do that but it is very painful for old man eyes 🙂

And on this topic, it is even more interesting. I tell myself to focus on a platform but which one should I choose? Youtube or IGTV? I always wanted to try IGTV because I think it is new and there is an opportunity for vertical videos. Look at Natgeo’s IGTV it is amazing. However that will take a lot of time to edit. However the most important thing is to that I find myself using Youtube more than IG itself for videos.

Here’s to throwing another curve ball, at least now in the Covid situation, even our Gov are using more of Facebook Live and videos to communicate with citizens. Again, I seldom use Facebook, so if I were to do Live where should it be? arhhhhhhhhh so much dilemma.

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