Free video conferencing tools for small business during the Circuit Breaker period

Recorded an episode about free video conference tools for small business during the Circuit Breaker period. Singapore is going into its next stage of Covid19 measures, it’s call the Circuit Breaker. Only essential businesses will be open such as healthcare, food outlets, supermarket and banking services. Most businesses have to conduct their business online and ask their employess to work from home. I

We all know that unless there is a big requirement, most businesses especially Singapore SMEs will not on-board to digital transformation. The below image is so true.

News about #digitaltransformation on Twitter

However now the situation comes very sudden, so businesses have to find whatever tools they can get on-hand and start using it. For some, they are new to working from home or remotely. While some might have issues paying the software fees. So here are some free tools to use over Whatapps for your business continuity during this Circuit Breaker period.

  1. Zoom the most popular app now but have some privacy issues-> Zoom boss apologises for security issues and promises fixes
    1. Zoombombing 
    2. Sending data to facebook
    3. Bugs with Mac and Windows app 
    4. Sending data back to China
    5. 40mins time limit for free tier & up to 100 participants
  2. Skype
    1. No need introduction
    2. A good alternative to Zoom
    3. But the app itself might not be as good to Zoom
  3. MS Teams / Hangout Meet
    1. This is especially good if you are already on office365 or on G Suite 
    2. It’s free as it is part of office service 
    3. However if you are a freelancer and you not paying for subscirption for Office365 or G Suite you can try this
      1. Team is now free for personal use too ->
      2. Hangout Classic version ->
  4. Meet Jitsi -> [This is my most recommended tool. Free and no tme limit and works exactly like Zoom]
  5. Dingtalk! -> Link {My workplace use this, very awesome tool. Functions more than just a video conferencing tool. It’s a IM, Google Docs, Google Drive and Skype plus allow location check-in all in one, build by Alibaba] -> might be overkill if you are looking for a video conferencing tool.