Understand how the coronavirus is affecting and might affect our food

With the hoarding of grocery taking place around the world, this episode of the podcast shares how Covi19 and hoarding affects the supply chain even in a country like the US that has agriculture.

In this episode, to understand how the coronavirus is affecting and might affect our food, we talk to an economist, a farmer, and, of course, the people who really make farms go — the farmworkers.

Episode 984: Food And Farmworkers : Planet Money : NPR

One of the main reasons that we see empty shelves sometimes in our Supermarket is simply because of the logistical issues. In this episode, they gave a good example of the hoarding on toilet paper.

The supply and demand for toilet paper is usually consistent throughout the year. However due to the hoarding, people are buying more. Even if the factories have enough capacity to produce it, they might not have enough trucks to send it. Which leads to us (public) seeing that we have empty shelves. The same is true for food. Do take a listen.

Now that we know about this, also like to share that there is psychological element when we human see empty shelves, we feel there is scarcity and we go crazy for it. Think Hello Kitty back in the 2000s when there are limited supplies, people fight to own a set.

So a tiny island nation like us, where we have to import much of our resources and food supply. Hoarding the essential will hurt us even more. We have to trust our government that we have enough. You can see the case because after a few days after panic buying, you can see all our stocks are back on shelves. So fellow Singaporeans, let’s stand and fight this Covid19 together. #SGUnited