It feels awkward to be sick now

With the increasing Covid19 cases, it feels awkward to be sick now.

This morning, I woke up with slight running nose. In the past, I will likely pop a flu tablet and call into office, asking to work from home.

However in times like this, it’s better to play it safe so I decided to visit the doctor. The doctor checked my lung and throat. All is good no fever so I’m relief, just normal running nose so I was given some medicine and 4 days of MC.

The 4 days of MC is for me to stay home and monitor. if it get worse because we “never know”. And this is the time the masks that government issued come into play.

I called into office and I mentioned I have 4 days of MC and it feels like I have just sound off a siren.

HR was asking if I had just running nose or is it flu? I mentioned running nose and HR ask again if it is really flu, like I was lying to them. I can understand why they feel this way because this period of time people are more paranoid, plus it is only right to be socially responsible.

The 4 days of working from home has an interesting experience. I have so much thoughts to write up on this topic.