Despite the complain, when the times I will be there

This Facebook post highlighted lots of preparation that we have done to get here. Today we are able to “operate” in this crazy covid19 climate is simply because we are prepared. At times we maybe Kiasu and Kiasi but when the times come we are ready.

When a nation is born from ashes, reliant on the country that just kicked you out for even food and water, you prepare for the world to end from DAY ONE.

However, there is one thing that we can never be ready for and that is being threatened by our own people. People hoarding supplies will only weaken our system. It’s very sad to see what’s happening to the supermarkets and pharmacies since the Covid19 started. It’s unavoidable to be worry, I’m worry too.

I’m even more worry and panic when I walk into a supermarket to get my usually groceries and I see that it’s empty. I start to think should I be like the hoarders. Why should I care since others do not care. The worsts are the horders start selling their supplies at a high price on marketplaces.

However, I tell myself and my family that we cannot join in this craziness because if we do. This will further weaken our system and all our preparation will be worthless. In an organisation, there are sure bound to be good and bad apples. Let just hope that there are more good apples around to stand together and fight this Covid19 war.

Our NSmen who might complain every time there is reservist, stand ready to defend this island against whoever thinks can take advantage of a global crisis.

And this, I can standby it. NS Men sit down and talk shots we complained about the system. We complained how we wasted two years of our life. But when the times come, I’m pretty sure many will stand up for Singapore because during the exercises you can feel that NS Men are much more serious, not just because we are more concerns about the accidents but also we know the threats are real