10 days and counting

I was targeting to complete a rubix cube but I was only able to complete two full layers. However to my surprise I did managed to complete a book

Out of so many ICTs that I went, never did I managed to finish a book. However this time round I completed one. You must be thinking that I should be having lots of free time in this ICT. This ICT is in fact one of the fastest. This is because I had to train for a new weapon and be ready for ops in a short time. Also there are a few night duties which were pretty challenging especially when we are not used to staying up overnight.

One big motivation for me to finish a book is because I wanted to take this opportunity to spend less time with the phone. The book I’m reading is “The Vegetarian” it’s a Novel by Han Kang. I seldom read novel but decided to try something new this time round. This book is a page turner because I usually get bored easily with novel. It is also a bit dark and sensual. I think šŸ¤” if someone is thinking of getting into novel this is a easy book to start with.

In this ICT, I’m assigned to a new unit. It’s a pretty young unit, met some new friends and realising that I’m much older than the rest. One nice thing about the ICT, it is also a place where everyone of different occupations gather. Its an awesome experience to hear stories from each and everyone.

10 days and counting, we are half way thereā€¦ after that everyone will be back doing their own thing and back to the race we started.