DORSCON Orange: We are not ready

After Sars, SG Gov developed a framework to guide our pandemic response. You can find the PDF document here from MOH. While it is a very detailed plan, it has never been tested but nonetheless you have to give it to our government for the readiness. The revolves around the framework call DORSCON.

SINGAPORE: The way Singapore deals with outbreaks like the novel coronavirus is guided by a framework known as DORSCON (Disease Outbreak Response System Condition), according to the Ministry of Health (MOH).

While our government is ready, we Singaporeans are not.

Yesterday. 07 Feb 2020. Dorscon turns Orange and all hell went lose. People were queuing up at the Supermarkets panic buying groceries. For a period of time. there were no delivery slots on Redmart.

Empty shelves and trolleys loaded with items such as instant noodles, toilet paper and milk were seen at several supermarket stores across the country, with NTUC FairPrice reporting “a sudden surge in demand” for groceries and personal hygiene products.

In a certain way, watching and reading these news via chats that friends send me, makes me worry too. This was especially true when I got a screenshot of all milk powder being sold out on Redmart. So I head down to the nearest Sheng Xiong, while the situation is chaotic, I saw there was a good supply of milk and that bring some comfort into me. However toilet papers and instant noodles were “cleared” from the shelves. The queue was too long and I saw the supply so I was alright.

This is very scary and ugly. Because if everyone starts to buy a lot more than what they need, there will never be enough. And this is very important to note as it will create panic among people furthermore we are all in this together. When sweeping up the items how about people who truly needs them. I am not saint because I head down too, should I see milk powder flying off the shelves, I will pick a tin or 2 but I do not think that we should get more than we need, like a trending image of a lady who buy a lot of instant noodles.