Live streaming becoming an important channel for WeChat Sellers

Now Tencent is looking at ramping things up. The company said that in 2020, it will focus even more on adding merchants and services to mini programs, giving them new capabilities like live streaming. In September, the company said it would enable sellers to sell products through live streaming within WeChat. That puts it in direct competition with the likes of Alibaba’s Taobao, which has built its own ecommerce live streaming kingdom.

WeChat mini programs are becoming a lot more important for Tencent | South China Morning Post

In an earlier post, I shared that 2019 was the year for Live Streamers in China especially if you are in e-commerce.

A recent event by Tencent, the WeChat Open Class Pro – an annual conference for their business partners and developers. The company highlighted that one of the key developments coming for WeChat would be to empower sellers to sell via Live Streaming. Now this is going to be exciting as the competition heats up.

But how about SEA? Right now we see most of Live Streaming selling takes place on Facebook? But the purchase journey is not seamless yet, you have to transfer money and get the order via DM. Makes me wonder if FB / Insta is a planning something similar to WeChat or what the eCommerce giants are doing in China.