Build a bot to remind me that Life is short

I build a telegram bot this weekend to remind me that life is short. The bot is call “Snake“, you can use it too.

Why did I build this?

This project started because my friend WW show me a site call FailFlow and it has an app that calculates how many weeks I have left before I die.

The app was build around the concept to show you a chart with Each of the cell represents 1 week of your life.

There is a very famous blogpost on this.

It kind of feels like our lives are made up of a countless number of weeks. But there they are—fully countable—staring you in the face.

It was written in 2014. I forgotten when I read it but I’m sure I read it before. Which also sparks the discussion with my friend.

You see, when we read something or met with some memorable encounter. That experience will stay with us for a while, but after while we will forget about it. When I first read about the article on WaitbutWhy , I was super motivated, Tell myself about this and that but in the end either all forgotten or did not take action on it. Till now my friend shared with me how much he has his life in weeks that got me thinking again.

So that got me thinking, I need a simple reminder to remind me how many weeks I have left weekly. This way when I see the numbers counting down so I decided to build a bot for it. With it, I will feel a greater pressure. In fact, I could already feel the pressure as I’m turning to 38 this year.

Another classic example: Wrote a blog talking a podcast I plan to do and not even halfway, I died.

In a week, make a 3 episodes. Suppose if in the next 6 months I do 3 in a week. I should have 6*4*3 = 72 episodes

What did I learn?

  • We often over-estimate ourselves
    • I was expecting for me to complete this simple bot in a few hours and it turn out to be 2 days
  • I learn a few new tricks
    • is a pretty awesome platform. No server needed, you write your code on the web and it will be live in minutes. This is great for learning and also building side projects like this bot
    • Even the idea is to send a reminder, it needs to have a simple DB. I used Sqlite3 with Nodejs. I did this because thinking my friends who are on telegram might want to use it as well. And if I am thinking to have others use it, this also means I have to do CRUD on the setting else the user will not able to change the reminder status or even delete their account
    • I am still getting the hang of Async/Await. Still a little fuzzy for me
  • I got distracted easily
    • I was actually taking this quarter to learn about GatsbyJS, but I got distracted by the Bot. not that it is finished, time to go back to GatsbyJS

What’s next?

Back to learning about GatsbyJS. if you like to try the bot -> Click here to use it

Telegram Bot @snake555bot
Telegram Bot @snake555bot