E-commerce 2020

I have been in the e-commerce industry for 3 years, not counting those period when I try to sell things online. These 3 years working in this competitive landscape truly opens up my eyes.

  1. We are still young when compared China in terms of e-commerce maturity. Both on how sellers operate and the technology powering the scene
  2. The e-commerce is changing rapidly so is the cost of customer acquisition. It’s not just about the price but also the experience of making that purchase.

And on this topic
I like to make small prediction about the scene of e-commerce in 2020.

1/ Social Commerce is going to pick up its pace.

  • Brands will continue to invest on KOL and sell on social platforms
  • More Friction-less eCommerce features on social platforms will come. For example: Instagram checkout or checking out directly in TikTok
  • As more people created private groups and chat within the app. How are ads able to reach them? How are e-commerce companies going to reach them? One interesting way is use membership-based model to leverage the power of social interactions. This model is already booming in China and SEA could be next. It’s like network marketing but more legit.
  • Also another form of social commerce can come out as community based commerce. It’s like group buy but location based. We are doing this already, just how to scale this up. Think when moving into a HDB, you get group buy price when buying from the same AC vendor.
  • And when it comes to social, Live streaming is a major channel for e-commerce in China, the same can be true for audience in SEA

2/ As more brands leverage on content as their online strategy. Headless Commerce is be the next thing for agencies.

What is Headless Commerce?
Headless Commerce is like Headless CMS. Think using the backend of Woocommerce only, with your self build Frontend. The data interaction between Frontend and Backend is all by API calls.

As a brand, you are not locked into any template styled design. You have the freedom to make design changes on the Frontend to give that unique user experience. Plus you get better security and faster loading time for your site because no database loading.

This is a critical part because of a site is too slow, the customer will leave even before loading is finish.

That’s my little prediction here.
Let see how it goes