Side Projects Status 2019

Build something – 6 ideas 💡 Start getting into the habit of building.

Starting a new chapter – This is Bosslee

In July, I wrote that I need to get back into the habit of building. Here to introduce two projects I worked on. Initially I had the issue of learning what language, I settled on Javascript because that was what I know best. Moreover, starting with something I know helps me overcome barrier of starting

1/ Web Scraper

Goal of this project is to learn about HTML Dom and also learn to use the library Puppeteer. Many sites now are client side involved client side rendering so powering up a browser to scrape for data is much required. The first sets of sites I learn to scrape are NTUC Online, Lazada and Shopee.

Why? To scrape the prices of milk powders and diapers. However later on, I used it to monitor the gadgets I like to buy. For example: Logitech M585. As you can see below, 11.11 and 12.12 sale period might not always give you the lowest price.

There is also a Mogics Power Bagel Travel Adapter that I like to buy but the price is always the same. No matter what period of time it is.

What were the things I learn?
– Puppeteer
– Google Sheet API
– Cheerios
– Setting up Cron so to pull these data daily

2/ Gatsby.js

On my 2nd project, I wanted work on Shopify apps but I realized that the recommended stack requires React.js which I know nothing about. As I browse the web, I soon learn about JEMstack.

What is JEMstack?
> Building websites with JavaScript, APIs, and Markup + they don’t depend on a web server.

The most amazing thing is that I can use WordPress as the “backend” CRM while having my site build on Netlify. Gaining both performance and security.

This is something I made while learning ->
I created a WordPress site ->
Made it private
Connect the WordPress API to Gatsby
Build it on Netlify
Now I have a super fast static site ->

I am still in the mist of learning Gatsby and while learning Gatsby I am using it as a beachhead to learn react for the front-end. The project I will be working on is to build a podcast site with Gatsby.js powered with WordPress as the CRM.

This is it 🙂 From here, let see where it brings me next