iPhone 7 2020

I’m sitting in the Apple Store as I wait for my repair to be ready. Today I brought in my trusty iPhone 7 for a change of battery. My plan is to use the phone till it reach EOL, ie till it no longers receive the latest software. I believe iPhone 7 still have two more cycles of software updates. So hopefully it can last through 2020

iPhone 7 launched on 07 Sep 2016

My wife has an iPhone 6S. Next year, the phone will reach EOL and it will receive the last cycle software update.

We used to change our phones every two years because of the Telco contracts that we are bound to, but that have since changed. I think this is largely because

  1. Phones are getting better, there is no need to change our phones every two years. Plus we are more dependent on the apps on the phones over the phone itself
  2. Traditional telcos have also change the ways they set their mobile plans too, thanks to those Mobile Virtual Network Operators. There are now no contract plans at affordable prices
  3. It is also a way to reduce e-waste. It is not easy to get rid of e-waste and buying less do play its part

What do you think?