TCM-inspired beauty products

The influence of TCM is growing in the modern beauty world, but it’s only in the past several years that it has been thrust to the front lines as part of a larger ingestible supplement trend.

Skin food: How traditional Chinese medicine is driving millennial beauty trend – TODAYonline

TCM is something that I got into i my mid 30s. Largely because I believe that too much of western medicine are bad for the body. I witnessed this myself when my mom got diabetics. Each month when she comes back from the hospital, there will be bags and bags for medicine. Sometimes she will say that 吃药吃到死.

Furthermore western medicines (afaik) they are produce to tackle the symptoms rather than the root of the illnesses, which is often why they allow us to see results faster.

TCM aims to address the root of the problem, which is why we tend to see slower recovery to our illness. Another important element is that TCM medicines are largely made up of herbs, which are kinder to our bodies.

Now as the trend towards TCM, it is natural for it to move into beauty. However there is a big problem with TCM related stuff, it is that many times it can be fake. Anyone can take a piece of grass, grind it and put online and says that it will help with acne. That is very dangerous. It would be great to see some form regulation on this.