Just Thoughts

Sitting on the plane, the plane is now cruising. Having the feeling to write something but have not idea what to write so I decided to just write what I’m thinking about.

To publish or not?

Now I’m thinking about should I write this post where should I published it? Should I published it on my blog or should I just leave it in my notes. At the same time, I like others to read what I write but I’m worry about how others see me. I could also post this privately on Simplenotes, making it out public so it fulfills my need to launch something into the open web without the worry of being known. However why published onto the open web if there is not intention of being read.

Recently, I gotten more interested into privacy and security stuff. I think it started 6 months ago. It could also be because media is now more focus on these area as well. With the PDPA, GDPR and all the news about tech Giants making use of our data, naturally it becomes a regular topic in my daily read.

And because of the above concerns, I also started to like open source projects even more. The open web is a place to embrace learning and open source projects are a big part of that. A change that took place is my willingness to pay for open source projects, especially software tools that help with productivity and are privacy focus. An example would be BitWaren. An open source password manager with paid subscription plans that also allows you to store notes.

Why open source and not close source? Because I believe that bring out in the open, there is a higher chance of vulnerability being discover and checked.

Falling on love with Plain Text

It used to be WYSIWUG editor that I like, especially when you are using WordPress for blogging. Being able to “bold”, “italic”, “quote” words were really nice. Than I discovered Markdown, it took me sometime in getting used to it but once you get the hang of it. Writing become so much easier.

You do not really need a markdown editor of write markdown. You can use any editor even notepad on windows. I start to find those notes taking app with the ability to scan documents, load images and with a lot of features unnecessary. Simple plain text editor can do a lot and very very fast. If you like to explore more, check out plain text project.