E-commerce in 2019: Year of the livestreamer

Livestreaming is like television shopping—think QVC—upgraded for the 21st century. It hosts real-time broadcasting of video content by presenters that model or try products. Viewers are able to immediately purchase the item from an embedded link online. Just like presenters on QVC, livestreaming hosts sell a wide range of products, from apparel and cosmetics to electronics and cars.
— Read on technode.com/2019/12/09/e-commerce-in-2019-year-of-the-livestreamer/

Exactly. It’s like those TVC old commercials where the hosts perform demonstration on how to use the product and why you need to buy it now. Livestream is much faster and gives the audience an immediate feedback. In fact, it is also to be considered as a form of social commerce which is to be next in trend.

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