Residents islandwide to clean their own estates

“The whole objective of this exercise is primarily to show to the bulk of heartland residents in Housing and Development Board flats, for them to see what will happen (when litter is not cleared),” Mr D’Silva said.

Residents islandwide to clean their own estates on April 26; town council cleaners to get day off – TODAYonline

This is a really good exercise. Beside giving us an opportunity to be aware how much litter we have. It also help us to “see” how much trash we create. You see, When we have someone helping us to clear the trash we become “blinded” by the amount of trash we create. I am hopeful that this exercise will open up all of our eyes.

I am also sure there will be critics that say, if the cleaners get a day off. Does it means that we can pay a bit less for that month of conservation charges.