Book Review & Learnings: Company of One

Company of One is an interesting book that shows me how successful profitable business can be run with a small team or by one person.

It shares a perspective that business can choose to go for “Better” rather than “Growth”. When business goes for “Growth”, they took on many tasks and start to lose focus. Focusing on “Better” can be a better option because it keeps the company focus. Such as better product feature, better customer service, better etc

For me, the most interesting part about Company of One is understanding that it’s not about a single person working on a company. You can also form partnership in bigger projects. After the project, each of you can get back to your own thing without further liabilities.

Because the worst thing about starting a company, usually starting out with a close formed is that the relationship goes south when there are money problem.

Another thing that I question is that in the Tech world, things are moving so fast. If you are not after growth, how do you win? Below Joel the Buffer founder gave a good answer to this.

You can get the book from Libby app. Can sign up with your NLB membership. Love to hear your thoughts