Thoughts on watching NDP 2019

This year, Singapore is celerating it’s 54th Birthday. When watching the NDP, it really helps me to reflect the many changes that taken place on this tiny island.

  1. Starting from the familiar National Day songs, like Stand up for Singapore. While the lyrics stay the same, the tune have changed. It has added a touch of pop tune to it.
  2. As the TV camera pans around the parade area, it is a spectcular view on the changes in the Marina Bay and South area. A place that I remember for BBQ, bowling and kite flying has turn into magnificent commercial & hospitality district
  3. There were also clips sharing the stories of successful Singaporeans locally and overseas. Some of them were really young. It really makes me think about time when I was thier age? What was I doing or did I wasted my youth. Going to turn 38 is it too late for me? Or is age just a number?
  4. Lastly shairng with everyone one of the most beautiful singing yesterday night & from the bottom of my heart: I am proud to be a Singaporean, Majulah Singapura!