Starting a new chapter

It’s been a long time since I write a life post. The last one was about me forgetting what I did for my 37th birthday. Now It’s 6 months into the year and so much have happened. It is time for a review.

Let’s start with no so good news first

Starting something new and making a passive income. None of it worked

I still have the same problem. Jumping from idea to idea and not finishing anything. Despite telling myself that I need to focus, I’m still distracted. While I’m able to make a bit selling stuff online, I was pretty much like a reseller and margin was super thin. I have the problem of not being confident to invest.

I also tried to redo “Bosslee Coffee”

I spend more time playing with the branding than focusing on making the coffee. Ask making coffee to sell is not that easy as it seems. Not only the coffee part but also the food safety part.

Physical products are hard, very hard so I’m very impressive with my friends who are building up thier own brands.

While working on physical products, a friend said to me, why are not you doing digital stuff? Like making WordPress plugins, Shopify extensions? You know a bit of coding. You should leverage on that. This is currently in my head now.

In short, I need a detox on my projects

If I start one, I need to finish it.

Return back to work

Well I tried to quit again but retracted my letter the 2nd time. This feeling is like shit. Full of guilt, shame and stupidity. Attempted to leave, however due to certain issue. The move was not successful. I am still a corporate stooge / an employee

I learn a few things in the 2nd attempt.

When quitting your job, you will go through different phases especially when the notice period of two months long.

  1. You will feel nothing at the start
  2. The news of you leaving will “leak”. People will come talking to you, telling you how good you are. You start to feel remorseful.
  3. Some idiots in the workplace trigger you again. You feel lucky and happy that you are leaving. You are feeling less stress than usual because you know you are leaving.
  4. You start to wonder if you have made the correct decision because change is difficult. Especially when you are the sole breadwinner
  5. You are excited to leave and waiting for the day to come. Also starting to engage with your new colleagues

For me, this did not fall through. Why did I not join the startup is another story. Might have lose a Friend, but the risk of on my role as the sole breadwinner was too big.

I learn another thing, while I did perform well on my work. I failed to create a 2nd income for myself. This made my move even more difficult.

I have 3 things to keep in mind with this stupid attempt that I did

  1. Family come first
  • Build something – 6 ideas 💡 Start getting into the habit of building.
  • 🔥 Pay back housing loan. Need to achieve FI.

So how is it that I’m starting a new chapter? I’m a new Father.

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