You buy more stuff because you are unhappy

Recently, I got interested in a movement called “FIRE; Finance Independence, Retire Early” and was introduced this book “Your Money or Your Life”.

I got into this movement because I started asking myself, when can I retire and how much is enough for me retire?

As I understand more about FIRE, the regret I have is that I should have started earlier. Nonetheless, better late than never. At least I am starting now.

Now reading the book, I read a paragraph that struck me. I pride myself as a person who buys only when I need something. Reading this paragraph makes me understand that my recent actions are not aligned with my thinking.

Recently I made two big purchases. I purchased a Timberland boots and an Apple Watch both I would say is more of a want than a need. But I just brought it, not sure why I was not able to control myself.

Now I know, I was buying stuff to make myself happy for a short period of time. The real root cause is because I am not happy with my job.