37th Birthday

I missed writing about my 37th Birthday. Currently, it is 4:48AM as I am writing this.

This year during my 37th Birthday, I was working on a task that I really hate and it made my time at work really bad. The good news is that I have managed to overcome it and it also shows how a person can easily get comfortable with things.

Less than a month, I could barely remember how I celebrated my birthday. I will have to make sure that this does not happened again.

My birthday is also like a checkpoint for the quarter. No much has been changed, I have been falling off my morning yoga routine but have replaced some days with “One Punch Man” workout. Also podcasting on Nightly have stopped, it is no easy feat to be making podcast on a daily basis especially when you are working on a full time job -> This might sounds like an excuse but we do really have to give it to the podcasters who are doing it daily. This is on top of giving yourself time to exercise and rest