How to increase conversion on Lazada with Vouchers

Seller vouchers are one of the most underrated tools within Lazada seller tools. While it seems straight forward to give the customer a voucher and hoping for a purchase.

In our learnings, there are many underlying objectives for each type of vouchers given out. Is it to reduce risk so that customers can buy wait ease or is it part of your store repurchase strategy? In this article, let us deep dive into Seller Vouchers and see how you can win with it.

Types of Vouchers

We first need to understand that different types of Vouchers available for sellers to create. In Lazada, they have two types of vouchers (Collectable Vouchers and Codes) and they both allow sellers to create self-funded vouchers to drive sales and traffic into their store.

  1. Collectable Vouchers: They are built into the platform to allow for easy usage. One of the big advantages is not having customers to remember Vouchers Codes you have given to them, no need to look high and low or within emails for the code.    
  2. Voucher Codes: They are the usual ones that you see on other e-commerce sites. For example, get 10% off with your first purchase using “mYstore123”. These are usually sent via emails to customers and would required customers to input them at checkout. 

Which one should you create

At the point of writing, we understand from the trainer that Voucher Code will be deprecated soon. Furthermore, as we understand the visibility of Collectable Voucher outweighs Voucher Code.

The focus should be on Collectable Voucher.

Especially with the visibility across Voucher Landing Page & at Cart/Checkout: See table below

Accessing VoucherLocationCollectable VoucherCode
PC & AppsPC & Apps
Collectable Voucher: Click “Collect” to store in Voucher wallet. 

Voucher Code: Click “Copy” to copy code to clipboard.
Voucher Landing PageYesNo
Store BuilderYesYes
Cart / CheckoutYesNo
Accessing Vouchers in Voucher WalletYesNo
Example of Collectable Vouchers at Cart / Checkout

How do you create a Collectable Voucher

You can find it within the Promotion Tab -> Seller Voucher (click here to directly bring you over)

In the Voucher Setting for Collectable Vouchers, you will be asked if you are looking to set:

  • Regular: Most common voucher, shown on the product description page, store and voucher channel
  • Store Follower: These vouchers are created to entice customers to follow your store. They can be shared in Feed, Chat. 
  • Offline: These vouchers are NOT visible anywhere. They are used offline or shared via chat. They are mostly used as refund or apology vouchers.
Voucher Setting: Money Value Voucher or Percentage Value Voucher

Another important setting is to set if the voucher is a Money Value Voucher or a Percentage Value Voucher. 

  • Money Value Voucher: This is a fixed amount of discount regardless of customer’s spending. For example, use this voucher to get $5 off on an item
  • Percentage Value Voucher: This is a percentage based discount. For example, buy this item and get 5% off. ROI is controlled and ensured.

Lastly, you need to set if you like the vouchers to be applied Store Wide or only to limited SKUs.

  • Shop: Applicable to products storewide (even future products). They are automatically displayed for Regular Voucher, automatically given to new followers for Follower Voucher.
  • SKU: Applicable to selected products. Note -> you can only delete SKU fro the voucher but cannot add more SKU into the voucher once created. To display on your store, go to Store -> Voucher Module > Select Manually. For SKU follower voucher, only able to share in chat, offline & feed

How much discount should I give?

Quick Tip: Price positioning has a huge impact to your buyer perception. The rule of 100 states that, when a price is under $100, a percentage discount is more powerful (as it is a larger number than the dollar amount saved). For an item over $100, putting the dollar value save is often better

Benefits of using Seller Vouchers

One more time! Seller Vouchers are super useful in helping with your traffic and conversion. If you are looking to win on Lazada, you need to use this tool.

Tangible Sales1. improve visibility & traffic
2. Higher sales conversion rate (Reduce risk for buyers)
3. Encourage basket building (Min spend on vouchers)
Intangible Branding1. Reduce impact on long term branding over lowering prices
2. Increase brand mindshare (voucher wallet, voucher reminders)
3. improve customer retention and return rate

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