Choose One Goal 2

Since the last update to my Choose One Goal post. It was 06 Feb. Today it is 19 Feb, 13 days pass so what have I done and where am I now.

I am still at the stage of designing and changing the copy-writing on the site. Copy-writing is not an easy task. You need to keep the message short and sweet. The paragraph cannot be too long. Most importantly, what is the immediate impression that a visitor get when he reads the message. Does he know what I am selling and how is my product different from the rest.

Why am I still in this stage?

Right after I started “Choose One Goal”, I got an email on a job opportunity. The interview preparation took some time away. Yesterday, I got back into the swing. Finish a final version of what I have in mind and send it for friend review.

On top of which, I have also reach out to the supplier to get the product ready. The goal is to have it in March and start marketing on it. Selling it to a super niche audience. I have learn not to think too much and just get the items packed. Once it is packed, the next steps is to paste stickers and send it out.