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I always admired my friends who are able to stay focus and committed on their ideas and passion. There’s a friend who’s is working on a nail polish business for years. While it was slow at first, now things are picking up. There another friend who committed to being a local top runner and she was able to archive it recently. Certainly, all these come with hardship and time. But staying true to an idea is really hard.

I would consider myself a very distracted person. Or you may call it unfocused. Always chasing the new things, starting new things but never finish it. While I have improved to keep the things I do limit because I know not to spread myself too thin. My mind is constantly baffled with new things to try.

Currently, I’m facing a dilemma. Between creating and thinking. At one hand, I understand that one should stay focus with an idea until it can no longer work out. But the other, I keep thinking of new things to start. With these thoughts in my mind. I end up getting nothing done. In the end, nothing is executed and lose-lose for myself.

Yesterday night, I completed a book by Seth Godin, titled This is Marketing. It is a straight forward book sharing about what marketing is all about. It is about communicating with “people like us, doing things like this”. The key is to start and starting small is good because you learn from your most trusted fans. The beauty is in the niches. I have an idea that I would really like to test out the concept from “This is Marketing” but the problem here is getting started. If I get started on this new idea, what is going to happen to?

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The situation is like what I mentioned about, always starting new stuff and not getting to it. In the end, nothing is being accomplished. And that is when I saw this.

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You may think writing a list of all your goals will take forever, but write them down anyway. The list will be much shorter than you think. Consider everything you would accomplish if you had no limitations. Write each thing down.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Select a single goal from your list that would make the biggest positive impact on your life in the next year. Focus on this one and set the rest aside.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Successful people know what they want, and they invest every ounce of their energy in going after that one thing.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ You can achieve many great things in life, but you can achieve only one truly great thing at a time. If you try to pursue many goals at once, you will not succeed at any of them.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ You need clarity. Set a single goal for yourself in this season—not multiple goals, a single goal. You have to know what you want in order to get what you want.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Write twenty action items that will get you a step closer to your goal. Coming up with the first five will be easy. Ten is going to be hard, but I want you to press through. Do not stop until you get to twenty. The twentieth thing might be the one that works, so don’t stop short.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Every single day, you need do one of the things on your list. Don’t go a day without doing something on your list. If you haven’t done one of the things on your list, don’t watch TV, play games, check social media, or go out with friends. You must sacrifice.

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You can achieve many great things in life, but you can achieve only one truly great thing at a time. If you try to pursue many goals at once, you will not succeed at any of them.⁣⁣

Instead of just thinking and thinking about my next action. I decided to take this exercise and give it a try.

Write a list of all the goals you have

  • build an e-commerce business that can pay for my wife salary so that she can quit her job
  • have a youtube cooking channel that shares about wholefood and food as medicine
  • to be a thought leader in e-commerce
  • Travel (Trans-Siberian, cycle to Thailand, golden triangle, New Zealand)
  • to have a newsletter with 1000 subscribers
  • building a suite of seller tools, allowing me to run a saas business so to quit my work
  • getting stronger in strength – be able to do pull up x 8

Select one goal

I have been thinking, the most meaningful goal now is to build an ecommerce business. If successful, it will allow my wife to work from home. Building up content takes time so building a youtube channel might not be able to generate montary as fast as selling stuff online. So for the goals that I would like to acheved, building an ecommece business is that one I would go for. This can also go hand in hand with being a thought leader in ecommerce because I do have the plan in documenting it down.

Write a new list of twenty action items

  1. set up a blog and start writing about the e-commerce product
  2. set up a store in a marketplace to start selling (Shopee, Carousell, Lazada)
  3. get the product ready
  4. get the branding ready
  5. get the logistic ready
  6. get the manufacturing label ready
  7. check out the shipping cost
  8. sign up for an account in marketplaces
  9. have a Pte ltd in place
  10. reach out to 20 yogis
  11. reach out to 20 food blogs
  12. reach out to 20 strength trainers (Those into the ritual gym and F45)
  13. write out the plan using “This is marketing template”
  14. get the budget ready and cost sheet
  15. get a list of flea market
  16. focus on a target marketplace
  17. (back from run) newsletter with coffee and health in the blog
  18. read materials from kindle on coffee
  19. study starbucks and niche coffee brands
  20. take videos and share brewing and making process

Now that I have written down all the steps. It is time for action.
Let see how this is going to play out. Every day, accomplish one item on this list and No breaking the habit.

*Not sure if you all notice, but I got back into writing again. A bit of old school but writing really help to clear out thoughts*

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