Writing daily journal

As I am writing this, I am also aware that a month has flown by. Thinking back, it seems like nothing was really being done for the last 30 days except for work stuff. Luckily I was able to build up a small habit of writing a daily journal on my Google calendar.

While I am nowhere near the goals I have set for myself yet
I was able to be consistent in writing my daily journal.
At least with this in place, I am able to get a rough idea what I have done outside of work. Furthermore, looking at the green bar on the calendar, it makes me feel fulfilled.

How build a habit with writing daily journal? No productivity apps required.

I have tried to do this many times in the past but never really got past more than 30 days. Now that this has gone past 30 days. It shorts of becoming a habit now.

If you have the goal of writing a daily journal. Forget about all those apps that promised to help you do you, just start with your most used calendar app. Try this following

1/ Fix a time that you will be writing. I
I set a reminder on this

2/ Fix the format that you will be writing in
For example, I ask myself three questions. So it is like a Q&A
What is a good thing I have done today?
What is a bad thing I have done today?
How can I improve?

3/ Not to worry if you missed a day. go back and fill it up.
I did 1-2 times.

The method above helps me. I hope it helps you too.