2018 Rewind – 12 things I learn and did

Another year is gone. Time is really flies, something that we can never get back. Another 4 more years, I will be age 40. I will also be getting my elderly shield. This is like the OMG moment because there are so many things I have yet accomplished and try. While I understand that phase “life is short”, I could never really comprehend the meaning till now.

Initially I wanted to write down 52 things I learn or did this year. Hoping that it will make me feel that I have live my life well and did not waste any bit of time.

Try remembering what you did it January 2018, it will be a challenge. It is a challenge for me. Especially when I do not keep any journal, there was entry I could look back on. Luckily I remember there is Instagram, a place where we keep the best of our memories (but realised that I do not post a lot instagram :/) and also tons of photos that we took on our phones. Even with these materials, I still am not able to come up with 52 things. So here is a shorter list for review – 12 things I learn and did in 2018 in no particular order

  1. Finally I got my Daruma Tattoo. Have been talking about it for a long time, keep thinking that if I get it, it will remind me that stability is a drug and that I need to go out there, make a name for myself.
  2. Went Bromo with wife, great experience and beautiful place. Also the moment that I realised that kind of push my wife to her limits as the climb to see the “blue flame” is a bit challenging even for myself. At the same time, thinking about my age, and there are many mountains that I have yet to climb. Scrolling through the photos, not much travel with wife. So this is something to explore in the years to make up for. Our TMM time are spend in cooking and also learning. Took thai class together, it was so much fun.
  3. 2017 was the year that I was a bit crazy about bouldering, 2018 not so much. The same is true for Yoga. I did still attend the regular sessions but I starting to slack off on my morning routine. 2019 is the year I stop slacking on the morning routine and also need to step up a bit on my yoga levels. Fitness. This is a tough one. I think my fitness as drop. So this is a must to make up for. I am thinking at the time of writing should I get back into running?
  4. I got double promotion. I was in a pretty big migration project. It was the first that I am in such project and the timeline was super short. I have to say initially when I got the project, I also think it is impossible however I learn that when everyone in the team have a common goal, impossible is actually possible. I took a lot of learning from the book “so good that they can’t ignore you” I learn that to do well in my work, it does not necessary need to be my passion.
  5. Also because of this project, I get to fly around in Asia and had the opportunity to head over to Nepal for a short stint. Made lots of good friends and again realised that the world is big
  6. Talking about work. I also “tried” to resigned. In fact, I did resign but I retract my letter later on. I talk about it here. It was tough times. It was a difficult decision. As for the reason why, you will find out in 2019 🙂 Also in the same period, I realised that one of the hardest thing for me to leave is also the friends / colleagues that I made in the company.
  7. I wasted a lot of time consuming and thinking. Not much creation from me. There was a sudden period when we pick up @123Superherbs and start making videos. It was doing very well (one of the most successful video to date)but I got into the whole grove of making videos but that seems to die now again. Consistency is what makes a creator successful and I failed in that area. Instead I spend a lot of time thinking if I should be putting videos on Youtube or Facebook. If on Youtube, should I be using a new account or just use the personal account. I was also thinking of making tech reviews videos and vlogs. In another words, I was trying to do too many things. In the end, I landed with audio-logging on Anchor and creating cooking videos on Facebook. Of all these, I learn one thing, write something of value.  Like How-to, What-does, Why-is-it, articles that provide values over if I want to gain traffic. Articles like this, rewind is value for myself
  8. Managed to still attend an EDM party – S20 that was able it. On the topic on parties, recently the company annual and christmas have given me the opportunity to see some very exciting things. Also on this topic, realised I am indeed getting old. Too much alcohol cannot, mix alcohol also cannot, quality of the alcohol is also important. It is not like last time, when we were young, anything that you can get high or drunk on, we drink. Now it is all about appreciation.
  9. Wife found a product online and has been selling pretty well. In fact, making ecommerce is all about logistic and customer service than the product itself. I mean the product has to be good but without good operations, buyers will not come back and having repeat purchases is one of the most important thing for a business. Getting new buyers is too expensive.
  10. Got some reading for the year too. Both audiobooks and books. The most memorable book I read this year is about JD – another e-commerce giant in China.  It’s the founder biography. Very well written and make you further understand why China is winning in Tech. The reason is simple they are so much more hungrier than us, plus they are willing to do things that are out of rational perspective, sometimes in dark periods moral concerns too. If you are fan of Audiobooks, go download the app Libby, it is free and you can sign in with your NLB membership card. It’s amazing and it also there to remind me that no matter how busy I am, it is important to get some learnings in.
  11. Vegetarian, never expect vegetarian food can be that exciting. This year, my love for Vegetarian goes up another level the same is true for cooking.
  12. I am stuck at 11. I never expect that writing down 12 memorable items in a year would be that hard.