How S-hook Lerine went viral

I am reading this book about the confession of a media manipulator, in one of the chapter titled: “Trading up the chain” I feel that it threads very closely to one of the viral sensation S-Hook Zehzeh Lerine.

By now, I believe that the whole of SG should have known about S-Hook Zehzeh Lerine. She is the lady that was super creative in selling a t-shirt with holes. She used an s-hook on it to demonstrate what it could do. She did in an honest and super local way that it’s funny and makes you want to buy. You can find the story here on Mothership.

The video of her selling went super viral and latest update on her stardom is that she just signed a two years contract with local entertainer Mark Lee’s artiste management company. Jiayou! S-Hook Zehzeh

Now how does this relate to the book? You see, first we need to understand the media now. It is all about clicks and page views. If you are able to give a blog / site something that is out of ordinary they will very likely cover it. Especially in times where an editor in a blog / site have to cover so many articles each day.

So if you are a brand or have a product and service. How do you make the mainstream media cover you when you are a nobody? You create news and you leak it out to the smaller blogs. Smaller blogs will likely take it and run it. If it takes off, the mid range blogs or sites will cover it. If it moves the needle for page views and on social media. The main stream media will come in and make a big run for it. [see photo]

In my opinion, this is exactly what is happening to S-hook Jiejie Lerine

  • Someone shared a short clip of S-Hook Lerine selling – link
  • After which Mothership caught it, publish it and boom!

  • When it booms, the bigger site will come for coverage and page views

  • follow by the mainstream media; Today, Straittimes even Radio Shows like 933FM / 972FM

  • All these make S-Hook Lerine even more explosive and viral

  • Now even Ikea comes up with an innovative to leverage on the trend

If you are an online marketer, I think this is an interesting book that you might to read. Also to note, I am not saying that S-hook plan this publicity herself. I just think that this is a very interesting case study especially when I am reading this book now.

Finally, exciting to see how Lerine will be scaling up her business with the fame. In the 972 interview, she shared that she left her job in May to do the online selling full time, she was working full time in fashion. Kudos to her because selling online is super hard. So from here I also learn about reducing risk, working on the side before taking the full plunge and also work in an area you are experience in.