2017 Rewind

2017 was a hard-to-explain difficult year.

  • Mom left us due to stroke
  • Worked on a side project: Fieldbeta, which is chatbot build for facility management. Managed to secured a client and got paid 6 months of the service. The management love the tool but it was hard for the user on the ground to adapt. This is a good example, I build a tool for A but the actual person using it is B.
  • Worked on a freelance project: Developed a bus tracking tool for a construction company. They wanted to have a iOS, Android and Web version. I work on the iOS while I got a team together to work on the rest. Freelancing is hard work and does not necessary give you more free time as you might think it would.
  • I left the startup world and venture into a life of 9-5

Some silver linings on my goals that I set out to do

  • 69KG: After my life of working for someone else started, finding time to exercise becomes extremely tough. I took away climbing and put focus on practising on yoga. I do yoga every morning for at least 30-45mins. It helps me to clear my mind and surprisingly helping me to lose weight. I did not reach my goal if 69KG, but it did bring my weight down to 71KG which running never did.
  • I wanted to so good that no one can ignore me and I think I kinda of achieve it. I got promoted to Country Product Manager after 6 months in the company and I got to thank my team for it, without their support this will not be possible. Working with Alibaba Tech Team was a crazy but awesome experience. I learn so much from it.
  • The last item that I set to do was the hardest, I wanted to work on side project that would bring me at least $500 a month in income. I did not achieve it. I tried many things
    • selling stuff online (trying to provide the service of making canvas printing, selling notebooks)
    • I think the problem is that I keep thinking that I want to grow big and I forget that I need to sell. To sell is distribution
    • Now I am working on a content site to spread the word of eating well. 123Superherbs.com : there are many stories that I like to share as I am working on this site which calls for a post itself. have high hopes for 123Superherbs, I believe that the TCM industry can be disrupted but I’m not sure how yet because trust is the biggest factor to overcome when it comes to herbs consumption

This was 2017 looking back.

My goals for 2018 mostly the same expect that I aim to put more focus on making money from side projects and getting out from 9-5. I meet many talented people and have learn much from them but the politics in the company is something I hate to live with.