iOS 11 update changed my behaviour

I accepted the fate that updating to iOS 11 beta releases would be a bad idea. Most importantly, it will drain the battery life. So I skipped that since I’m not longer writing iOS code and doing more stuff on the web.

Last week, I updated to iOS 11 public release, while the UI looks great the experience was not.  Battery life was going down fast and furious. There are lots of report on it and here is a quote from BGR.

According to Wandera’s data, the average time it takes for an iOS 10 device to drop from 100% battery life to 0% is 240 minutes. The average for iOS 11 is 96 minutes. That’s a stunning 60% drop-off, and an absolute killer for anyone using an older Apple phone or tablet that already struggles to hold a charge. via [link](

Personally I was not expecting this kind of bad experience for public release. I understand for the beta version could be cranky but public release …

Yesterday, I got the notification for iOS 11.0.1.

There are no writing if the battery will be fix but I went ahead to update the phone, hoping for the best.

Apple has released a small software update for iPhones and iPads today. iOS 11.0.1 “includes bug fixes and improvements for your iPhone and iPad,” but the short note provided to iOS users when they update doesn’t specify which fixes or improvements they can expect. via [link](

iOS 11.0.1 is still not working for me and I am starting to lose faith in Apple’s product. Maybe because they have set a high bar for me but now the bar is dropping.

Anyway since the battery life is dying fast, I also realised that I much dependent on my iPhone. Otherwise I would not be writing this post.

In the past, when the battery life was better. I checked my phone regularly but now I feel strange since my phone keeps dying. There are times in the day where my phone needs to be off to save battery. This also trains me to be less “Fomo” and better at controlling my phone addiction.

I always think that I am in control. I am not. I have phone addiction. And now thanks to the battery drain, I’m learning to take back control.