I’m starting to mess up again. I’m starting something without a clear goal in mind.

Tldr: Long post ahead. Need to set a clear goal, measure and move on.

This morning I listened to “Startup for the rest of us

Noah a very good internet business person / marketer was giving advice on how to grow for The strategy is actually quite simple, began with the end in mind and what’s your PPD (Product, Price, Differentiator) You should listen if are working on your business.

There are a few problems with me.

  1. I listen to all these shit, I write about it but I do not act on it consistently. What do I mean by that, I listen to the things / marketing hacks that I could be doing to grow my site, I write it down, follow up for a few days and soon lost track of it. So I decided to write down what I think, share with everyone or anyone who is reading this site, so that you all can be the judge. I need to do something! Next 21 days, you will read me rant and share my progress.
  2. Earlier on I said I’m starting to mess up with my site. You see, I do have a goal. I aim to grow the email list for to 5000 but I got distracted with Facebook page likes and Live video and all. In the podcast, Noah talks about trying this and trying that, but we need to monitor, otherwise we will be like headless chicken.

  3. Also I do not have a view of my target audience for my site. What’s the persona that I’m think / believe / confirm will be reading my site. Well personally, I believe people who are aged 25-35, who are getting interested in food and concern about health. They are willing to give Chinese herbal soup / homemade remedies a try.

  4. The next question is how can I get in front of them? My goal is email sign ups, great then how do I get them into my email list? I’m going for the not so scaleable way to emailing 1-1 or simply texting and letting them know.

  5. Next what is my product differentiator? What is the site about? It’s going to be about diet therapy. How is it different from others? I was doing the wrong thing initially. I was just trying to be like any other recipe sites. Writing recipes and hoping to gain followers. This will not work. THERE IS NO HOPE, THERE IS ONLY HARD WORK

  6. My goal of the site is to make people understand that drinking Chinese herbal soup is good for you. Preparation is easy and understanding the herbs are not that hard. So throwing recipes up will not work. I need to curate for my audiences. Dumb it down. Like drink this for a month to have better eyesights. Drink this for a week, to have better skins. Drink this for 3 days for easier toilet sessions. readers do not need to come my site and find what soup recipes they need to make, instead they come with an intent to solve a problem I cannot shit, what should I drink.

  7. For the coming days, you will see changes in categories and content changing.

  8. If you are into food blogging, please give me your thoughts and suggestions.

Till tml

Boss Lee