Real Night

The Art of Manliness: #312: The Disappearing Night Sky –

This is a very interesting podcast about our disappearing sky. It talks about how we are not enjoying the real night anymore. With all the lights from the cities, we are kinda of like lighted up all day.

Night used to be dark, really dark. I believe many can share the same experience especially for those who attended army. We had to camp out in the forest where it’s located far away from the cities. That was the first I enjoyed the real night.

It’s peaceful, You get to think. Think about life. Think about work. Think about anything under the moon.

Beside, you have better eye sights too. I could still remember that I was able to see in the dark (army people, you will know what I mean) without touch lights. You feel like you are superman.

However, after coming out from the army. With more time on screens and a lighted city. I could no longer do so. If it’s a dark place and you need to search for something, I will need light.

You can get the same real night experience while you go camping or trekking. During my ultra at TMBT, Mount KK, once it hits around 6pm. It is outside the main city / town so it is Super dark. You get to see all kind of stars.

Real night it’s an experience that we should enjoy once in a while. 🙂