No more Lush

Lush 99.5FM, known for its focus on indie and local music, announced on Monday (17 July) that it would be ceasing transmission on 31 August, 11.59pm. via Local radio station Lush 99.5FM to close after 13 years

This is really sad. Beside KISS, this is other channel that I frequently listen to.

It would be interesting to find out what’s the cost to running a radio station. I guess it would be expensive, especially with the fees to pay for the music.

But it also makes me wonder, is it possible to crowdsource the $$ to keep the station alive. Like how podcasts are asking for donation to keep shows alive. For example, “Death Sex and Money” a podcast show by NRP is by donation and of course some government grants. I wonder if we could do the same.

As for operating cost, maybe putting it online and not on FM network? Like how podcasts are doing it? It could help keep the cost down?

The only thing that I could not make out of the free to play music. How do we pay for that? Can it be a Gimlet media, you pay for memberships for special shows?

It’s interesting how this space can turn out.

I run a podcast show with Chris titled Launchbyte. Once I tried to make this a business, I talked to Terrance from TIA for his feedback, asking if he thinks there’s an opportunity for podcasts to work in Singapore. The audience for podcasts in Singapore is too niche. The same thought came from Jacky, who’s running VulcanPost.

You see, video is much more interactive than audio and with live streaming now, audio is even harder to compete.

It used to be that people have their headphones on during commute, some are listening to radios, this way of comms you get engaged audience, even listening to ads. But now, when you board the trains or buses, what you see if people watching dramas or YouTube videos.

However podcasts are bomming in the states now, everyone is doing podcasts. It’s like YouTube in the early days. If you can get a piece of the pie, you are in.

Of course, what happens in the states is much different from here but it’s interesting to find out, maybe we are late to the game (like always)

Do you listen to podcasts? I love to have this discussion, do you think it will work locally or maybe say Southeast Asia?