Chromebook or Windows

I originally switched to Mac because I loved the idea of a Unix terminal being right there, and it was clearly the best for web development, but the sheer simplicity of Bash on Windows throws that into question for me. via How to set up the perfect modern dev environment on Windows – Charged

I’m also growing a bit tired with Apple. I’m still a fan boy, l love the phone but I’m starting to reconsider the MAC.

I used a MAC mini at home and I shared a 11″ inch MacBook Air with my Wife. There are times where we both need to use and I need to bring the laptop out, I couldn’t. 😿

So I have this thought of getting another Mac. The reason is simple, it has command line build-in and (of course Xcode) so it’s easy for development work. But as I see myself doing less of app based development and more of the web stuff. I’m starting to think if the next laptop should be a Mac.

A Macbook is expensive and there are better options out there for dev works. Top of mind, right now is Chromebook over windows. We got a Chromebook for Lijiuan’s dad, a HP model and it cost only $499. It’s great for surfing the web and if you are into publishing, you won’t even notice. The startup is fast and whatever you need is on the cloud.

I couldn’t make up my mind if this is a need or a want. But I heard that windows run Linux now and this is making my choice tougher.

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