Chinese herbs and Superfoods 

You know that that feeling when you feel that you are not as young anymore. That feeling that feeling that you need to sleep early and incredibly hard to stay up late.

That feeling, is a sign of “aging” or it’s the body slowing down.

I’m not sure when it started but when I watch out more on what I eat, more vegetables, less meat. I felt so much better.

And not to mention cook shows, never did I thought I would one day enjoy watching cooking shows, It is now part of my past time watching Netflix cooking shows / documentaries with my wife.

we are what we eat

They say we are what we eat and I agreed we to that. Maybe when I was in my twenties, I would care less but I truly appreciate when I start to eat well. I feel better the whole day, I feel energise and I feel light.

less chemical stuff and more whole food

There is this trend in going for wholefood right now. Food that are natural and not processed. For example, if you are going for meat, go for the real meat instead of processed ham.

This trend is so crazy that even Amazon brought up Wholefood (no pun intended)

My family is not that crazy about wholefood per say but we do know the benefit of eating cleaner.


I think it’s about a year ago, we started going for balanced diet with a mix of TCM. What we have is a Chinese herbal / tonic soup accompany by a dish of meat and 2 dishes of vegetables. This is what they call 三菜一汤.

Again as I mentioned less red meat, replacing the beef / pork with fish. We have a regular TCM doctor who tells us that chicken are very toxic. Because most of them are injected with hormones so to grow faster to feed our growing population. It’s your call to believe but we trust him. We do not stop eating chicken but we have it less.

tonic soup

Hock Hua one of the Chinese medical hall we visit frequently. When we first start, we go in blur blur. Not sure what herbs to pick for our soup base and when can we consume these different type of herbs.

It has becoming an interesting learning trip for us each time we visit. Like Goji berry can be mixed with whiskey. The benefit, to Energise the body. Or we learn the different kind of soups that we can prepared during the summer vs the winter.

side project idea

At this point, you all should know. Once I grow into an idea, I kinda of grow crazy over it. Since I have no particular side project now. I have decided to have one.

To share my knowledge of Chinese herbs and the type of wellness food you can prepare right at home. Cheap and good.

They call this 食疗 aka food therapy, so it is not a silver bullet that makes you bullet proof to Cancer but more of a preventative measure not to fall sick that easily.

My Mother pass away in April. She have a lot of old people sickness, she goes to the Polyclinic every 3 months and comes back with lot of medicine. There are so many medicine that she needs to take, I’m also confused. We feel that there are so many chemicals entering her body, I’m sure she felt the same. She always say 吃药吃到死. Meaning you keep eating the medicine till you die because it’s not a cure, these medicine does Not get Rid of the problem, they just suppressed the pain.

I personally believe that eating better food and knowing more about food therapy can keep us healthy and also reducing our dependent on western medicine.

But many of us walk into medical hall not knowing what to buy so I hope my content will help you and help me learn more.

Unlike in the past, I would rush out and start creating a new site and all. I’m just going to write here.

If you read this far, thank you 🙂

If you have an comment to share, I love to hear it too.