Less data

I never thought I would do this especially from someone who lives in the tech scene. I just reduced my data plan. (Nothing great but I like you to take a moment and hear out my story)
There was a period of time where I keep wanting more. More data = more freedom = able to do work on mobile = able to stream live anywhere = able to watch YouTube videos without bursting my wallet

So I went from 3Gb to 4Gb and finally at the highest 11Gb. I kept thinking this was the norm. It’s natural to keep wanting more and doing more.

Last year, I dropped to 8Gb. It seems fine. Everything is great. The maximum I used was 6Gb, especially now that everywhere you go, there’s high chance of having wifi.

But the question here is “Do I really need to stay connected all the time”?

for supposed fame

I always wanted to be one of those YouTuber or Live Streamer. I think it’s cool, the fame, the status, the influence. Who does not like fame and power. I believe deep inside (you who is reading this) would like to be one of them. And you get to be a maker

With that in mind, I always thought that by having more data, I can recording all the time. You know, kinda of like live streaming or recording vlogs. But in the end, I never really did it. I spend most of my data watching “how others did it and how can I do it”

The $$ I paid for the data is wasted.

Furthermore, it’s a challenge for me personally. You have to give it especially to those live streamers who are recording outside. You need to understand that if you are busy looking at your phone and recording stuff (looking for that perfect moment) you are kinda of missing out the real sight for your eyes. I do not want to miss that.

for work

I like how smartphone make us truly mobile. The ability to work anywhere. But this ability is only possible when we have the internet. If we ask ourselves, what are the things that we are doing at work and not having to visit the internet at all? Even ssh requires you to have internet access.

So thinking that with more mobile data, I am able to get more stuff done. But this also brings in health concern, I kept my eyes glued to the phone. I keep checking for mails and all. I’m not worry about big bills, I have 8Gb available. The feeling of having excess is great but it comes with a price 😦

Since you are always connected, you get all the notifications. (I tuned off most of my notifications, but knowing that I turn off, I am worried that I missed out important emails, I keep checking) This is a vicious cycle. Should I turn on notifications?

Again having more data brings another down side

others can

Finally, recently I found out that I have some colleagues on prepaid cards. They have only 1-2 Gb with them. They use it main for communications and sometimes checking of emails. One of them does a lot of reading on it but it is being saved onto the reading list before he left his house. So it seems that I am the outlier.

So if they can do it, so can I?

This marks the day, I aimed to reduce my mobile data consumption.

Now I have a question for you? How much data plan are you having now and do you really need that much of it? If you are doing fine with 3Gb or less, I love to hear how are you managing it especially with apps like Facebook, Instagram that takes a lot of data.