The Founder

Just finish watching the show “The Founder”. It’s about how MacDonald got started.
Here’s a few thing I learn from watching the show:

  • Business is war
  • Be ruthless
  • Be persistence
  • Contracts are like hearts, they are meant to be broken
  • Don’t depend on contracts, do not even depend on handshake
  • Be in the property business
  • Talent does not get you there, Being smart does not get you there, Persistence gets you there
  • even if you are the inventor, you might not get anything in the end. Simply the person who can bring the business to success if the winner.

This reminds me of the Fidget Spinner’s inventor. There is a craze for these spinner toys but she is not benefiting from it.

It also comes to mind, is it necessary to be ruthless? I mean to be successful in business, do you really need to be ruthless? This thought is lingering in my mind…