Is it for you or for your kid?

In the quote below, it’s about a parent who spend $400 on a photoshoot for their 1 yr old birthday. There is wrong with that, if you are happy and willing to pay for it. By all means go ahead, I would love for such opportunity when I was young.

“I don’t have many photos of myself when I was younger, so I really want that for my kids. I want them to look back on their photos fondly.” via Baby turns 1, with a bang: Parents splurge on birthday celebrations, Lifestyle News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

Now here’s the thing, that has been running in my head. I love to hear your comments.

When we have a kid, we aim to give them all our best. The best of everything within our means. But do we also put on our “own dreams” onto them?

For example. I always wanted to be a doctor. But I could not and I end up being a lawyer. (This is a hypothesis)

Will I put forward the dream and ask my kid to be a doctor next time? What if they are not interested in it?

Another eg. These photos are great 👍 but your kids are taking them because you could not get it in the past. And in a way, we are living the dreams through man. (Not sure if you get what I mean)

Another eg. Say when you were younger, you did not had tuition and you did alright. So for your kid, you might think that having tuition would make them even better. But do they need it? Or do you want it?

I guessing you roughly get what I’m driving at.

Hmm, I not sure. Maybe I am old school. There is one thing for sure, there is a big market for young kids in Singapore. Parents are looking to spend, especially if they had not get all these in the past.

Love to hear your thoughts.