Family time

Nothing beats family time. Maybe it’s used to be when I was younger but now everything has changed. I learn to appreciate time. Time is also a form of money. You get to choose how you want to use it. Putting the time with family is the best bet and an advice / reminder that I tell myself when I’m in the 40s too.

This quote from the article means so much. If you are worry about the security of your job, you are not in a safe place and not being in a safe place, you will not Excel with 💯.

I have worked for all sorts of people since then, geniuses and morons, quick-witted and dull, bighearted and narrow. I’ve had many kinds of jobs, but since that conversation with my father I have never considered the level of labor to be the measure of myself, and I have never placed the security of a job above the value of home. via The Work You Do, the Person You Are – The New Yorker