Dead town 

I was listening to this podcast about a town in US, California that have more dead 💀 people than the living.

In the town of Colma, California, the dead outnumber the living by a thousand to one. Via 99% Invisible: 258- The Modern Necropolis

As I think about it, cemetery is a pretty interesting place. It’s usually quiet, nice, full of greens.

We certainly do not have such town in Singapore. We have limited areas for burial so now, when our time is out, most of us go to Mandai. It’s also a place I frequent to pay respects to my late relatives.

The place is quiet unless it’s the Hungry Ghost Festival, where there will be offering and stuff. The air is fresh. The area is full of 🌲. Personally, I like it. It’s like getting away from all the busy activities happening in the city.

do you know, Lijiuan and I took our pre-wedding photos over at the a Japan cemetery town?

Yeah. We did not know about it, till the photographer told us. Or rather we ask because the place was so quiet and beautiful. It was an awesome place to retire to.

We wanted to take our pre-wedding shots in Japan. So we went online, make our own booking and also find our own photographer. (His service is not bad, the photographer has a queue and is serving customers from Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.)

So we had a regular photos taken at The Central Park where you get all the blossom of that Sakura. In the noon, we were wondering if there was any place interesting. Out of the city kind but not too far and that was how we ended in the cemetery town.

Similar to Colma, Tokyo cemetery Town is also located slightly outside of the city. Coz if the land price and it’s also more peaceful.

Actually talking about cemetery, when I was in Berlin. They had their cemetery within the city. Pretty much like how we used to have the upper Aljunied cemetery. Again, it was nice, beautiful and quiet. But there were some activities ongoing in the morning too. It’s the place where people do their exercises because there is a park beside it and many people are running around the cemetery like circuit training. And, I did the same. You also get to appreciate the history of the tombstones design.

Now thinking about it, seems like I have quite a few encounter with cemetery. For sure, we will end up there one day, but I like to share with you that next time if you walk past a cemetery local or overseas, take a step in. You will love to appreciate the peacefulness and the history.