Coffee is a drug

This is the start of day 3 of no coffee week for me. I hope it is getting better because it feels like I’m a drug addict going through rehab. Coffee is a drug, I said it!

coffee is a drug

It’s a drug that I love. It’s keep me awake, refresh and strong 💪. But why do I still go thought this painful process of no coffee for me?

You know about the feeling that you first try out something? Like trying out 🌿 overseas or learning a new sport? The adrenaline is strong, the feeling is fresh. You want It and you want more. But as time go on, 🌿 is no longer interesting, you seek to try 🍄 or anything that gives you that excitement.

Coffee is the same. I love thick, Gao Gao Nanyang Coffee. Each sip is amazing, you can feel the hot, bittersweet taste flowing into you. Each time, it’s like taking an injection, your heart skips a beat and your hormones changes (for the better). I feel happy, I feel light.

But as time go by, the feel is reduce. I feel last happy and I feel less light. Going a week without coffee helps me to rejuvenate the sensational feeling again. I want to have that feeling again. It’s like first ❤️.

Furthermore, if you season coffee drinker, you will know that 1 cup is never enough. This is because that feeling of excitement is no longer around which is why we are drowning us with more cups to get back the adrenaline from the caffeine. In the long run, this is no healthy.

Having the detox helps us to reset. Let us start from scratch again. Starting with one ☝️ cup. One freak cup ☕️ a day.

so what is it like?

Going through without coffee for a week is tough, actually it’s freaking tough.

Day 1. Everything is good. I feel alright. First day of no coffee, motivation is 💪. I can do it. When I see other friends drinking, I look away. I drink lots of water 💦 to compensate.

Day 2. This is where it gets tough. Feeling a bit grouchy, it’s the don’t tough me / don’t bother me kind of feeling. I’m not well. Head is starting to spin. This headache is intermittent and this is why it sucks. It could struck when you are deep in your work. I can only say Day 2 is shit.

Day 3, woke up with slight headache. Had a cold shower to get rid of it. Maybe this evening I have to go for a run to run it off. I’m not sure how it goes. I will write more tml.

Are you a coffee addict and do you go for a week without ☕️?