🍎 guy

I got my first MAC in 2006, the first year of NUS. I alway thought it was cool to have MAC. It’s white, it’s associated with being design centric and it was different. But it wasn’t the best tool to be use in business school, especially when you need to run tons of excel.
During that time, I was just a user. I do not care about WWDC. Whatever happened during WWDC did not excites me, coz it’s not related to me. This all changed when Cong taught me Objective C and I learn to build 📲 apps.

WWDC became a big thing for me, I considered myself a developer. (Others might think different)

And reading the article below is interesting to learn about the history of WWDC

As Norstad states, for Mac developers who felt “…burned too many times by promises that went unfulfilled”, WWDC 97 was Apple’s first step at regaining their trust. via bs_labs: Looking Back at WWDC 97