Is it strange to keep repeating the same song over and over again?

I’m a big fan of Love 97.2FM now. I think it’s due to age. It’s used to be Yes 93.3FM, very soon it could be 95.8FM.
Off topic: Till this day, I’m still thinking of becoming a radio host. If someone is reading this and have a clue, please share with me.

Now back to repeating songs or rather song

Yesterday, I caught this tune on radio.

I love the tune and immediate use Siri to find the title of the song and start playing it on Apple Music on repeat mode. This same song was going more than 30 over times.

Is this normal or is it strange to do this?

why do I ask?

Because my Wife asked how could I be hearing the same song over and over again? Are you not tired of it.

As of now, No. This morning, the first thing I woke up was to play this song and looping it 🙂

Have you encountered this before, I’m sure there is someone like me out there who keeps repeating a certain song after listening to it once.

On a more psychological perspective, I believe we all have our reasons for liking certain songs- and if we like a given song, why should the amount of times we listen to it have any effect on how good it is? The song hasn’t changed one bit, no? Furthermore, music changes our mood, if it is positive why not keep doing it?

So keep playing it to your heart’s content. 

Unless you find out that it’s abnormal, please let me know.