From Sengkang to City by 🚂 

It’s been sometime since I took a train to work. Nowadays, I usually take a city direct bus.

I’m writing this in a Super pack train to work. Taking the train at 7:45 from the north is extremely challenging, in fact I never expected it to be this crowded.

So here I am jam pack on the train. Balancing myself because I could not reach the handle cause someone’s head is under it. I’m sure many of this had this situation before. (Or maybe not, because most of you might be running your own business 😝)

Beside balancing, trying to avoid contact to the person standing beside is a challenge too. There a guy on my left and a lady on my right. We all like our own personal space. I still remember the lecture I had in NUS, you can see how we treasure personal space when we are in the lift. The same is true while on a while, just that the “personal space” is way smaller. It’s the I don’t move into your space, you try not to move into mine too.

All three of us are holding phones tightly. Guy on the left is ready while the lady and I are furiously typing. What I meant by reading was reading “Facebook Feed”, it’s interesting to peek into other people’s Facebook feed 🙂 especially to see what ads are they being shown. For techies like us, it’s interesting to see what apps are on their homepage too.

You can also based on the screen of fellow commuters to see what app or major platforms are we Singaporeans are using. As far as I know now, among the working people.

  • Facebook is the most common screen I see follow by
  • instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Safari

Now if you are running ads, it’s unlikely you want to waste money on twitter / snap locally, particular for working class. (What do you think)

I’m reaching my stop ✋

P/s I love to take photos but it feels weird