Going Live

This guy nuke a production database unknowingly. It’s a scary moment. I wish him well and hope / make sure that this does not happened to me.

No doubt I know programming but I would not consider myself a full pledge programmer. In the past, much of my code was “copy and paste” from stack overflow and if it work it’s great.

In fact there was a period of where I tried applying for a junior developer role and was rejected. I could Nor even pass the QA test. But recruiter was awesome, told me my problems and I learn and went back to work on it.

As I learn, I start to understand more. I started reading more on documentation and appreciating more about it. yeah, in the past, I hate reading documentation. I just want the action, I want it to work only.

Also I started reading source code. Source code of open source project. Source code of Nodejs. You see, Nodejs no doubt is “Javascript” where many programmers believe that it should not be used for backend. It is written by many outstanding Developers too. With that in mind, if they are building a engine that many companies / individuals are using, it is also a great place to learn.

I never thought of reading source code

Anyway, I have created a few live projects. They are all working well. In the coming week, I’m deploying an internal invoicing system to manage then huge traffic of the company. It’s exciting to see how it holds up.