Dirty Jobs can bring you more opportunities

Caught this podcast on Dirty Jobs. It talks about the skill gap that US is facing. This skill gap that It is addressing is about dirty jobs, like cleaning oil tanks, sweeping the floor, fixing the lifts, plumbing etc etc.
I think it’s the same for all develop countries. Singapore is facing a skill gap issue too. And I argue that it’s happening for both corporate and manual jobs.

In terms of corporate, graduates coming out from the university are not equipped with current required skill sets. For example, digital marketing is now a must for all companies. How to set up google analytics, how to read the data and how to take action from the data given. None of these are taught in school. We learn when we are out in the working world.

As for manual jobs, or as the author calls it dirty jobs. Although we can argue that in the long run, maybe technology can solve the labour shortage issues but we still need labour. For example, construction sector, most of the workers are foreign. I appreciate them for that, without them, I would not have a shelter over my head. But we also need to understand that we are slowly losing out the knowledge in the sector.

Another thing that the author points out, because of these exact reasons, there is an opportunity to build a truly profitable business in the dirty jobs business.

Personally I agreed but it’s a oxymoron that I talking about this while I work in a office building, typing away. However, I do have a strong interest in gardening / farming. Growing own food or using food for therapy.

Link to podcast