No real deal

In the early phase of the primaries, Parscale launched Trump’s digital operation by buying $2 million in Facebook ads—his entire budget at the time. He then uploaded all known Trump supporters into the Facebook advertising platform and, using a Facebook tool called Custom Audiences from Customer Lists, matched actual supporters with their virtual doppelgangers and then, using another Facebook tool, parsed them by race, ethnicity, gender, location, and other identities and affinities. From there he used Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences tool to find people with interests and qualities similar to those of his original cohort and developed ads based on those characteristics, which he tested using Facebook’s Brand Lift surveys. via How He Used Facebook to Win | by Sue Halpern | The New York Review of Books

This is why Facebook is so interesting, powerful and scary at the same time. You can micro-target your audience. As compared to Adwords, that is a competition for intention.

But I believe it’s hard to build organic fans on Facebook Page now, most of the time it is like buying fans, or paying ads to get your content notice. No real writing / fans 

But if you can pay, the result is going to Super awesome.