Vlogs and in the moment

Recently started doing more of personal videos, some like to call it vlogs. 

It’s fun to make videos especially for sharing but most of the time I get Shy, yes….. shy.

I could be thinking of this and that or what are the awesome things that I want to do on the video. But when I start to point the camera at myself, I lose my mind. I’m not able to focus anymore and start talking rubbish. 

Another thing that I respect this vloggers online are their ability to focus, they are able to take video, talk about something and enjoy the moment (I think) 

Not sure, if you have faced similar situation. When You are out, you caught something interesting or there is this thing that you really want to share with the world. You take out your camera and you start thinking about the videos / photos you should take.

However, at the same time you lose that moment. Think about it, maybe at that particular moment it is the best time to be in the present. 

I’m confused myself, I like to share interesting stuff online but I also like to enjoy the moment. I’m wondering how those vloggers are having the cake and eating it too.