Not writing

Since I started my new work, I’m losing my momentum in writing my daily journal. Many times I have to catch up on it.

I had two thoughts in my mind for this. Maybe I should make a shift and start writing on my blog daily instead of the journal. But for those Super private stuff, it’s hard to share with the world. 

You see, in the journal. I write about lots of stuff. My day to day, the ideas I have. The things I have done wrong. The things I’m doing right. Also planning ahead for my goals (which most of the time, I cannot keep to it). Maybe it’s time to keep the goal easier as a baby steps.

Anyway, it’s kind of funny to write about what happened to you three days ago. I’m sure you have forgotten some of the stuff. Give it a try, try writing what you have done today on this coming Wednesday. It’s hard. 

Right now, I’m writing on my commute. I should start writing to catch up on my journal.